Stage 1 

First, we’ll have a chat about your requirements. In today’s technological age, we tend to get many emails asking for more information about our builds, the process, costs and/or specific elements such as planning (this is a very common question). We are more than happy to respond to them and always strive to respond the same day or within 48 hours. Responding quickly saves us all time and usually means we can answer your queries and concerns and put to bed any issues, at the start, so that you can happily move forward to the next stage.

Stage 2 

If we are both in agreement, we will follow up our discussion with a draft quotation. If, after this stage (and, usually, this entails further conversations) you’d like to progress further, we can arrange a site survey for a small fee which is refunded once an order is placed.

Stage 3 

The Visit and Site Survey! This visit will enable both parties to better understand the requirements; view the terrain and site and discuss any potential design opportunities and considerations before any further decisions or design work is undertaken and a final quotation produced. We’ll then produce a draft design and updated quotation.

Stage 4 

Once you’re happy with the design and quotation, which may also incorporate making a planning application on your behalf, we can make a start on the production and manufacture of your build. If planning permission is required, the production and manufacture of the build will only start once planning permission is obtained and the first instalment – the deposit – is paid.The first instalment, or deposit, is 50% of the total cost as set out in the agreed and final quotation; our standard pricing schedule can be found on the Pricing page.

Stage 5 

Next, we deliver your building, in sections, for our qualified and skilled craftsmen to erect on-site, in as little as 5 working days (on average, although of course, this will be dependent on the site, size and specification of the building). Any additional ‘finishing touches’ or extra options you have requested will usually be completed during this stage.We’ll also get in touch, post-build; to ensure you’re happy and to be on hand in the unlikely event we should need to address any minor snags or issues.

Take advantage of our no obligation Site Survey; fully refundable on placement of order.